The dental suction module is designed for local suction of air that contains possible contaminants and harmful particles, which drastically reduces the possible transmission of an infection with viruses and bacteria floating around and being transmitted through the air. A high level of protection for dental staff and patients is achieved with the help of local air suction. The suction module is primarily intended for use in dentistry, but can also be used in other applications where a local limitation of the extent of the critical infection area or the formation of harmful particles is required.


  • High effectiveness
  • Simple to use
  • Adaptability to the extraction location
  • Adjustable exhaust air flow
  • Quiet operation
  • Mobility

Working principle

The dental suction module sucks  the air near the origin, filters it and returns it to the room after cleaning. The taken air is filtered through an H14 absolute filter (a G4 pre-filter can also be used as an option), which drastically reduces the number of possible contaminants and harmful particles in the taken air. Efficient air distribution is ensured through the use of a high-performance fan that returns properly filtered exhaust air to the room.


The dental suction module must be placed near the patient. Four wheels with brakes allow a good mobility and a simple positioning of the module in the available place. This suction module can also be used for smaller medical offices.
The dental suction module is equipped with a rotating flexible hose, which makes a simple setting of the microposition of the air suction easy. The flexible end of the hose is located near to the patients' mouths and to catch aerosols which are produced by manipulation in the mouth or the exposed air of the patients.
The device is controlled by an on / off switch and a button for setting the desired suction flow. For operation the device must be connected to the electrical network.




Dimension  H x W x D [mm]


Weight [kg]


Electrical connection [V/Hz/kW]


Noise level [dB]


Max. air flow [m^3/h]


Air filtration


Air filtration level

HEPA filter H14,  pre-filter G4 (optional)

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