The DECON Mini mobile decontamination generator is a stand-alone, ergonomically adjusted device for microbiological decontamination or disinfection of small rooms. The device is characterized by the integration of the innovative PIO Flash® distribution system.

An ergonomic design and a stainless steel construction give special value to the device, which ensures mechanical and chemical resistance to external influences that occur during use and transport. The small size, weight and shape of the device allow easy transfer between individual facilities for decontamination.


  • High microbiological efficiency (EN 17272:2020)
  • Optimal distribution and achievement of hidden positions
  • Reliable and quiet operation
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Robust design
  • Modern look
  • Insensitivity to damage
  • Light weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Ecological integrity

Operating principle

The DECON Mini generates a microbiologically highly efficient aerosol in a physically perfect way by pumping the decontaminant via the innovative PIO Flash® distribution system. The system ensures the generation of very small droplets, which are homogeneously distributed throughout the room due to their small size and very intensive distribution. The system works on the principle of a combination of the evaporating phase and very small drops of dry hydrogen peroxide mist. The efficiency of the device is further improved by the optimal placement of the distribution system on the device itself. The location of the distribution system on the device together with its shape, inclination angle and duration of aerosol distribution in the room contributes to the optimal and even distribution of the decontaminant throughout the room. As the gaseous mixture of the agent passes into the smallest cracks and pores, the device thus enables the destruction of microbiological organisms even in the most hidden and inaccessible details of space. These sites cannot be effectively disinfected with conventional disinfection procedures.


DECON Mini is a portable version of an innovative decontamination generator, which must be properly installed in the decontamination room (table, floor) before use. The device needs to be connected to the mains for its operation. The control is performed via a power switch and a timer, in a digital version. The time of distribution of the decontaminant is set. This depends on the size of the space, metrological and microbiological conditions in it. No staff may be present in the room during decontamination, they may return to the microbiologically cleaned room after the decontamination procedure has been completed. The aerosol form of hydrogen peroxide after a certain time (attached table to the device) decomposes into water and oxygen, which are natural, completely harmless and environmentally present molecules. This gives the process significant ecological value.

The decontamination agent is located in a plastic bottle, which is attached to the decontamination generator with a special quick-disassembly system. The system for attaching the bottle enables the smooth transfer of the device inside the building. When changing the decontaminant, the bottle is changed together with the contents (spilling of the contents is not necessary).

Ergonomically designed holder, device dimensions and low weight allow easy transfer of the device between decontamination facilities. This allows the user to place the device in smaller and more demanding rooms.

Due to its simplicity and efficiency, DECON Mini is suitable for decontamination of small rooms in pharmacy, medicine and healthcare, as well as in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, office buildings, cars, trains, planes and all other places where it is necessary to ensure an adequate microbiological level of purity. Due to its easy transfer and installation, it is great for smaller spaces that are inaccessible with larger devices.




Outside dimen.  H x W x D [mm]


Weight (without agent) [kg]


Distribution system

PIO Flash®


Digital timer

Operating time [min]

up to 35 (accuracy 1 s)

Place volume for disinfection [m3]

up to 160 (with bottle 1 l), up to 80 (with bottle 0.5 l)

Drop size [μm]

0 – 12

Power supply [V/Hz/kW]


Length of power cable [m]


Noise level [dB]


Disinfectant consumption [g/min]


Decontamination agent

Different concentrations based on H2O2

Container of decontamination agent

Plastic bottle 0,5L or 1L

Reduction of microorganisms

up to Log 6

Housing material

AISI304 (1.4301), Ra ≤ 1,2 µm

DECON Mini device operation


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