The process is carried out in individual baths and the objects are transported in assigned baskets, trays, rotating drums, etc. with the help of a bridge robot - an automatic transport system. The automated system basically consists of a bath for ultrasonic washing and a bath for rinsing with instantaneous water from the water supply network. Depending on the type of items being washed and the quality required, the automated system may consist of additional baths for ultrasonic washing, rinsing with tap water, washing with demineralized water, and conservation. In addition, a hot-air dryer for drying items, a vacuum dryer and a swing mechanism with a swing frame positioned over the baths may also be installed in the automated system.

The washing process is fully automated, so it is only necessary to place the baskets with objects in / on the entry ramp and remove it from the exit ramp after the completion of the process. There are several ways to install the baskets:

  • To a fixed loading ramp
  • On a roller track
  • On a driven roller track
  • With a trolley

In order to ensure efficient and economical washing, recirculation tanks can be added to the unit, which, in addition to the removal of impurities and solid particles, serve as the storage of fluid.

The electrical cabinet can be designed as stand-alone on transport wheels and cable-connected with the ribbed tubes, or as a fixed cabinet mounted next to the unit.

The automated system can be implemented as an open or closed system. With the system open, the upper part of the device with automatic transport is open, while with the system closed it is closed by closing plates or doors. Tempered glass windows are installed in the middle part of the device, which enables a full overview of the washing process. When the system is closed, a forced ventilation system and discharging of vapours must also be installed. The benefits of a closed system are: reduced noise, steam extraction, better cleanliness and greater safety.

The whole system or the ultrasonic washing machine with automatic transport is made of stainless steel. Baskets, trays, and rotating drums designed to carry items are also made of stainless steel.

The device is entirely made on request, based on your wishes, items to be cleaned, space available, etc.

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