Weighing booths are cabins that by configuration and built-in equipment, represent the environment for effective, clean and safe weighing of powdered materials. The configuration of the weighing machine is adapted to the technology and specific raw materials (OEL, quantities, material flow, packaging, ...).

Iskra PIO provides complete solutions for weighing cabins:

  • Entry / exit of material and personnel into the production area(de-dusting cabin, mist shower ...)
  • UDF cabin adapted to the weighing process
  • Weighing systems adapted to the process (weighing funnel, lifting device with funnel, weighing platform for containers ...)
  • Automation

Cabin offers triple protection:

  1. Protects the operator from excessive inhalation of possibly harmful dust particles or aerosols that are generated when working with risky materials inside the cabin
  2. Protects the surroundings of the cabin because it prevents the spreading of dust particles outside the handling area of the cabin
  3. Protects open materials from external contamination

Automatic weighing system:

  • Enables complete logistical support of the weighing process with the possibility of integrating with the business (MES) and warehouse (WMS) system
  • Flexible configuration (distributed V/I units)
  • The possibility of operating independently with a local server, in the case that level 3 is not connected

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