Technical data

  • External dimensions: 8000 x 1350 (2950) x 2750 mm
  • Dimensions of individual baths: 500 x 600 x 450 mm, V = 150 l
  • Transport basket dimensions: 400 x 500 x 300 mm
  • Construction of the device is designed in accordance with GMP requirements, other guidelines and standards
  • Worktop, baths, pipelines and all surfaces in contact with the liquid and indirectly with the object to be cleaned are made of AISI 316L stainless steel sheet, with a thickness of 2 mm and Ra <1.0 μm
  • Other exterior surfaces are made of stainless steel, with AISI 304 quality , with Ra <1.2 μm
  • Bottoms of the baths are inclined towards the drain and the inner edges are rounded
  • Locking sheets provide easy access to all components
  • The capacity of the unit is at least 1 basket per 12 minutes

Control system

The control system that is responsible for implementation of the appropriate program sequence and managing the system through the inputs / outputs is based on so-called security "Fail-Safe" controller. The latter is connected to two user panels and a computer. While full access is possible with one panel, the other is intended only for entry of the item, batch number and basket number (via bar / 3D code reader). The computer itself is connected to a database, on which all important system parameters, recipes, reports, etc. are stored. The WinCC Runtime Advance software platform runs on a computer. The platform enables the management of recipes (creation, review, confirmation, archiving, ...), start-up, interruption of the washing process, setting and monitoring of various system parameters, such as cleaning time, temperature, pH value, valve states, etc. In addition, it allows you to set administrative rights (access rights to individual functionality), a review and validation of alarms and warnings, activation and deactivation of the system, ... The program also records any changes to the system parameter; i.e. when was it performed, who performed it, the commentary, and the previous and new value.

Description of the washing process

All washing values (time, temperature, pH, conductivity, ...) are determined by recipes. Only recipes that have been inspected and approved for use on an item-by-product basis can be carried out.

INPUT LINE - Entry of items via baskets into the machine

  • Built-in barcode reader for fast data entry (recipe selection)
  • Automatically movement of the basket to the machine

BATH 1, BATH 3 - ultrasonic washing in warm alkaline (BATH 1) and acidic (BATH 3) liquids

  • PZT inverters (2 kW, 30 kHz) attached at the bottom
  • Heating is done with 6 kW heaters
  • Built-in level switch and safety thermostat
  • Built-in overflow to remove oils and floating particles from the liquid
  • Built-in mechanism for vertical basket oscillation
  • Bath is connected to an additional cleaning fluid filtration tank
  • Built-in pH probe to monitor the quality of the cleaning medium

BATH 2, BATH 4 – rinsing in tap water and vertical swing / immersion

  • Removal of cleaners and impurities
  • Drenching with tap water, where extra water flows through the overflow channel into the neutralization tank
  • Built-in mechanism for vertical basket oscillation
  • Rinsing is controlled by a solenoid valve

BATH 5 - ultrasonic rinsing with demineralised water

  • PZT inverters (1 kW, 30 kHz) attached at the bottom
  • Drenching with demineralized water coming from the bath 6
  • Extra water flows through the overflow channel to the demineralized water treatment system
  • Built-in mechanism for vertical basket oscillation
  • Built-in level switch

BATH 6 - Rinsing in tap water and vertical swing / immersion

  • Built-in 6 kW heaters
  • The water supply is controlled by a solenoid valve. Excess water flows through the overflow channel into the bath 5
  • Built-in probe for measuring conductivity, protection is done by a level switch and thermostat
  • Built-in mechanism for vertical basket oscillation and capillary drying

BATH 7 – Blowing water droplets and hot air drying

  • Built-in fans provide air circulation through the bath and 6 kW electric heaters that control the air under control
  • There are nozzles for blowing off fine droplets with the help of compressed air placed under the cover and at the bottom.
  • Lid displacement is automatic and synchronized with the transport system.
  • At the end, the bath is cooled to 60°C.

BATH 8 - Vacuum drying

  • The pump can reach 1 mbar at a nominal speed of 50 m3/h.
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Built-in heater (1 kW)
  • Built-in pressure switch and ventilation valve

OUTPUT LINE - Disposal of baskets with washed items

  • Capacity of 5 baskets

The device can be fully customized to the client's wishes.

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