Iskra PIO received the golden award for innovation GZDBK

Published 11.10.2021

On September 15th, 2021 the awards ceremony for innovations of the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina for the year 2021 took place in Otočec. This year's tender for the best innovations received 22 innovation proposals prepared by innovators from 10 companies.

The received proposals were evaluated by an 8-member commission for the evaluation of innovations, which operates within the section for quality and innovation of the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina. In its evaluation, the commission took into account inventiveness, economic effects, predictions and the sustainability and environmental aspects of each innovation.

With the gold-awarded innovation PIO Flash® decontamination system, the company Iskra PIO will participate in the selection of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and compete with the best innovations of Slovenian companies for the highest innovation award  in the country.


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PIO Flash® decontamination system

Luka Bevc, Darko Blažič, Benjamin Frančič, Marjan Hosta, Boštjan Hudoklin, Jaka Kužnik

Short description of the innovation:

The PIO Flash® system is a special, innovative and technologically advanced way of distributing the decontaminant into the room. The system ensures the generation of very small droplets, which are homogeneously distributed throughout the room due to their small size and very intense distribution. The system works on the combination principle of the evaporating phase and very fine drops of dry hydrogen peroxide mist. The innovation is distinguished by a very wide usability range. The PIO Flash system can be used for decontamination in complex pharmaceutical processes. It also can be used in various versions of healthcare, education systems, industry, hotels and tourism, public institutions and it is also intended for household use. Usefulness and flexibility are outstanding features during the COVID-19 epidemic, as we are successfully and extremely effectively fighting the new CORONA virus with new PIO Flash devices.