Measurements show that the ventilation system is capable of providing temperature values ​​and relative air humidity within the designated areas. The test is performed in accordance with ISO 14644-3.

Measurements are performed in clean areas where different production processes are carried out. That is why clean room areas are divided into zones with different - controlled temperature parameters and relative humidity. Depending on the method of implementation, we have two methods.

1. Measurements of temperature and relative humidity of air in clean rooms:

Measurements are performed with equipment that has the ability to record the result. Measurements are performed in all controlled areas, taking into account the requirements of the standards and needs and requirements of the customer.

2. Measurements of temperature distribution:

This is also called temperature mapping and is carried out with temperature data loggers in order to demonstrate proper temperature distribution of air, for example, in drying chambers and in warehouses of raw materials and products. The number of measuring points is determined according to the size of the space. Measurements can be made at several heights. Measurements are recorded at pre-set intervals, over a period of time. After the data is processed, we make a report and we also represent the results using the temperature - time graph.

We use measuring equipment from renowned manufacturers Testo, Vaisala, EBRO, which are calibrated annually in accredited laboratories.

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