Each clean room is made according to project requirements.By measuring the supply air volume in the room, we check if the system provides a sufficient value.Based on the results of the measurements, it is possible to calculate the number of air exchanges depending on the known volume of the space or device.The test is performed in accordance with ISO 14644-3 standard.

We use several different methods for measuring air flow quantities. The simplest, quickest and transparent method is by using the air quantity meter and measuring quantities directly on air intake filter units (distributors). After years of experiences and improvements of measuring equipment, this method became very reliable, accurate and consequently the most used one. In cases where because of the dimensions of air quantity meter direct access to the filter units isn’t possible or the size of individual air intake unit is bigger from above mentioned, measurement can be performed directly under the filter surface (air intake spot) by hot wire and propeller anemometers.

Measuring can be done directly on the distribution canals, where based on known diameter of the canal, air flow and afterwards number of air exchanges, are calculated. Measurements are performed with a Pitot tube,which is used the most. A thermal anemometer is also possible to be used.

We use professional measuring equipment from the manufacturers TSI, Testo, which are calibrated annually.


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