The KI-discus test was developed with the goal to test the protection factor (as stated in the standard) for operators, products and environment where there is a potential risk of contamination from protective microbiological and cytostatic chambers of class I and II.

The test is carried out in accordance with EN 12469 standard.


The main part of used test equipment are a rotating spray disc, a cylinder that acts as an artificial arm and 4 centripetal suction heads with filters. The spray disc and the artificial arm are placed inside the working chamber, while suction heads with the filters are placed outside the working chamber at the height of the opening.

A solution of potassium iodide is delivered to the center of the rotating disc in the chamber where it is dispersed into fine droplets (aerosol) and sprayed evenly in the surroundings and above the artificial arm.

In case the droplets breach the protective air curtain they stick to the filter surface. After the test, the filter surface is analyzed under the magnifying glass and any drops that might have adhered to the filter surface are counted. At each measuring point, the test is repeated 5 times. The number of measuring points is determined by the width of the working surface.

The device is calibrated annually.

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