Working with highly flammable substances is very dangerous and can quickly lead to an explosion. In order to prevent explosions, work in an inert atmosphere is often necessary. In those atmospheres oxygen concentration is low enough to avoid ignition. Inert atmosphere is also used if we want to prevent the product from oxidizing. For devices with inert atmosphere an inertization test is performed. The purpose of the test is to verify that the establishment and maintenance of an inert atmosphere within the workspace complies with the SIST-TP CEN / TR 15281: 2006 standard. With this test it is also possible to optimize the parameters of establishing and maintaining an inert atmosphere if necessary (set them in such a way that the amount of inert gas used to establish and maintain the atmosphere is as small as possible, thus minimizing costs while making sure the process is still in compliance with the standard). The test is conducted by monitoring the concentration of oxygen inside the working space in respect of time.

We use oxygen meter produced by Michell, which is calibrated annually.




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