The purpose of the test is to determine the time necessary to establish the original cleanliness state of the tested area which we have artificially contaminated using particle generator. The test should be carried out in clean environments with uneven (turbulent) flow regimes and in rooms up to ISO 8 air cleanliness class. The necessary equipment for the execution is a laser particle counter, an aerosol particle generator and, if necessary, a particle diluent.The test complies with the recommendations of ISO 14644-3.

The test is carried out by contaminating the area using aerosol generator. Initial particle concentration should be 100 times bigger than the maximum allowed particle concentration for that cleanliness class. The first measurement means the initial concentration. Decontamination time is the time it takes for the concentration to fall below the specified concentration for that cleanliness class.The first measurement is the initial particulate load.The decontamination time is the measurement where the concentration of particles is measured, which is accepteable for a certain level of purity.Decontamination time depends on the efficiency of HEPA filtration, air exchange rate, distribution of the supply air and the position of the drain grids and the pressure differences between the spaces in the modes of installation of the equipment.

We use the professional measuring equipment of renowned manufacturers: Lighthouse, TSI and Topas. All equipment is calibrated annually.





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