Adequate airflow is a key factor for the proper functioning of each ventilation device, whether it is a safety cabinet, UDF unit, isolator or fume cupboard. Measurements are performed with a vane anemometer or with a wire probe.

Possible measurements:

- Measurement of airflow velocity in the working area of ​​the safety cabinet, UDF unit or isolator.

- Measurement of airflow velocity at the working aperture of the safety cabinet or fume cupboard.

- Measurement of airflow velocity of the in the isolator pipeline.

Depending on the requirements of the standards and the design of the device, we first determine the acceptance criteria. The test is carried out in accordance with EN 12469, ISO 14644-3 and EU GMP Annex 1.

Number and position of measuring points should be determined prior to the test. Measurement method depends of the type of device. For best results, the probe must be completely still at the measuring point, for that we use special holders. The probe must always be positioned perpendicularly to the air velocity vector. When the value on the meter is completely stabilized, we read the result. After the measurements are completed we process the statistical data. Mostly we are interested in the extreme and average values.

We use the professional measuring equipment of renowned manufacturers: Testo, TSI, Schiltknecht. All equipment is calibrated in accredited laboratories annually.

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