The company Iskra PIO d.o.o. is aware that the quality of management, responsible environment management and the concern for the safety and health of the employees are the key elements in building the company's success.

In 2001, the company obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001.

The system of managing is continuously upgraded and improved based on adapting to the requirements of our customers, employees, local community and other interested parties as well as statutory and other legal requirements.

Our objective is to make safe, functional and reliable products for our customers who want to get the most modern equipment.
We are committed to preventing the sources of errors in all process areas, from material purchasing to product selling, by immediate removal of any possible error and by constantly improvement of our processes.

The company quality is based on connecting all activities regarding our products high quality assurance, achieved by continuous improvement of business process. We are aware that quality of business managing, responsible environment treatment and care for safety and health of employees are key elements of forming a successful company. Employees are the most important part of our production system. High level education of all employees, their personal and professional growth and safe working environment guarantee their satisfaction that leads to contentment of our customers and closer community.

Foundation of our long term cooperation with customers is high quality of our products and services.
With our own development and good cooperation with partners we continuously improve our situation in region as one of the leading manufacturers of clean and cleaning technology. We also strive for further enlargement of the market.

Quality management

The system of leading quality ensures complete congruity with national and international regulations and demands of users of our services and with bureaus. Continuous improvement of quality in all working processes is the constant task of management and all employees in our company.
We are committed to preventing sources of possible mistakes and eliminating potential mistakes in all process fields, from ordering raw material to product delivery, and consequently constantly improving processes.

Our goal is to manufacture safe, functional and reliable products for our clients, who are expecting the highest quality equipment. System of leading quality is constantly under supervision by regular internal inspections and revisions performed by company for certifications TÜV SÜD, since year 2001 when we obtained quality certificate ISO 9001 for the first time.


Quality policy


The products manufactured shall meet the requirements of standards and regulations and shall be permanently under scrutiny of the progress and novelty in order to be put on the very top of Europe. Special attention is paid to cooperation with customers in order to meet their requirements to the greatest possible extent. The basic guideline in dealing with our customers should be: "Our production increases customer satisfaction."  


To be a preferred partner in terms of supply in more demanding manufacturing and processing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry

Organizational culture values

Rapid response and flexibility, professionalism, quality, safety, privacy, responsibility and modern technological equipment


Strategic orientation


  • Financial stability in business


  • Products and services according to the wishes and expectations of the buyer
  • Partner relationship with buyers and suppliers
  • Shorten the delivery times (lead time)


  • Ensure a high level of knowledge and employee competencies
  • Continued investment in new investments
  • Development of new activities and products


  • Project management
  • Improving the quality management system