Iskra PIO designs and manufactures dedicated weighing systems that are optimized for the use in a particular process or environment.

Isolator scales

On the basis of many years of experience in the design and production of isolators and weighing systems, we have developed and patented isolating scales that enable optimum integration into the insulator:

  • Cleanliness
    • No cables in the working area of the isolator
    • Cleanable construction
  • ATEX version Ex 2GD IIB IIIC T4 135 ° C
  • Rotating base that allows rotation of the scale, which does not occupy the space in the isolator
  • Integration of two scales on one base (two levels)
  • Weighing terminal in or outside the work area (one terminal for both scales)
  • Manual and automatic weighing version
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316 L, polished

Weighing funnel

The weighing funnel is intended for weighing raw materials and pouring into the outlet container.


  • Integration of the sieve for safe sowing in the weighing process
  • Integration on the lifting device
  • Fixed design
  • Suction hood to prevent dust extraction outside the funnel
  • ATEX version
  • Integration into the weighing control system

Weighing platform

The weighing platform is intended for weighing containers. The design of the platform is adapted to the container to ensure an optimum integration into the process and clean space:

  • Appropriate accuracy
  • Minimum dimensions
  • Easy loading
  • Effective cleanliness
  • ATEX version

Customized weighing systems

Due to specifics of your process we produce an optimized weighing system for your application.

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