The UZS-062AT ultrasonic washing machine is intended for ultrasonic washing, rinsing and drying of metal parts. The cleaning device uses water-based media or cleaning agents. The cleaning process starts at the loading point. It ensures that the item basket is carried inside the machine. Further, the transfer of baskets between tubs is provided by automatic transport. Various cleaning, washing and drying operations are performed in the tubs. At the end of the process, an automatic transport ensures that the item baskets are put on the deposited place. The deposit of the product baskets to the loading area and their removal are done manually by the operator.

The system allows to select different cleaning programs. Programs contain adjustable parameters such as temperature and time of cleaning and drying, drainage time above the tub, ... For optimal purity parameters and thus programs can be adapted to the different materials and shapes of the cleaned objects.

The cleaning procedure begins with a rough degreasing in the first tub by soaking in hot alkaline liquid. It continues in the second tub by cleaning with alkaline (basic) cleaner, ultrasound, vertical oscillation and elevated temperature. To quickly adjust the programmed temperature inside the second tub, it is connected to the tank. In addition to adjusting the temperature, the tank circulates the cleaning agent to filter the dirt and oil particles. In the third tub, the products are washed with cold clear water and a vertical oscillation of the basket. The cleaning process is continued in the fourth tub using demineralized  (demi) water, vertical oscillation and ultrasound. The fifth tub provides the last rinse of the products and the capillary drying. The products are flushed with warm, fresh demineralized water and vertical swings. For the preparation of demineralized water a pre-tank demineralizer is installed. This one is filled through the overflow of the third tub. All tubs containing liquids have a special overflow through which particles of dirt, oil or cleaning agent (when rinsing) are collected from the surface of the cleaning fluid. The sixth and seventh tubs have the same functionality. They are designed to dry cleaned products by recycled hot air and blowing water drops.

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