Multiple station installations complete the entire cleaning process, from washing to rinsing and right to drying. We can use any size or the quantity of the bath adapted to the cleaning process itself, or to the items being cleaned. The stations are intended for use in industry as well as in pharmaceutical plants where GMP standards have to be taken into account.

Some of the cleaning processes are set out below. A single process can be repeated, such as rinsing, which prevents the alkaline / acid solution from neutralizing.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning in warm alkaline / acidic solution
  • Ultrasound rinsing and / or tap water over nozzles, overflow
  • Rinsing in demineralized water by means of ultrasonic and / or tap water over nozzles, overflow
  • Drip drying (compressed air)
  • Drying with warm air
  • Vacuum drying
  • Etc.

For less complex devices, the control can be completely easy. Standalone units such as timers, temperature controllers, etc. are used. For a more automated device, however, a controller and a touch screen are used. In the latter, it is possible to monitor the success of an individual process, such as measuring the conductivity of demineralized water (presence of impurities), measuring the concentration of a cleaning agent, etc.

Additionally, the device can be upgraded with various devices for water purification. It is also possible to upgrade the devices with a variety of non-automated transportation / lifting systems (using a remote control).

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