The device ensures a high level of protection for the product. The air entering the chamber and coming into contact with the substance in the workplace has previously been filtered through a HEPA H14 filter which keeps the particles from the environment. Inside the workplace we have air flow and cleanliness of the room in the ISO 8 class (ISO 14644-1).


  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast and safe filter change
  • Built-in low-noise fan
  • Availability in various dimensions
  • An easily accessible electrical part
  • Easy management

Working principle

The device sucks air from the surrounding on top of the device. The air is properly filtered through the filter modules in which the HEPA filter is located and are attached to the panel ceiling. The air supply is done directly into the workplace (or the clean room) to provide an overpressure so that the air from the environment can not enter the workplace. The outlet of the air to the surrounding is at the bottom. This also ensures the displacement of air and dust to the ground, and then to the surrounding area.

The ceiling is made of aluminum panels (styrofoam filling), which are hinged between the aluminum profiles. Lights and filter modules are attached to the ceiling.


The control panel can be found on the outer panel wall next to the front door. It has a switch to turn on and off the ventilation. For security reasons, switching off the device is possible with a key switch. The user switches on the switch and then removes the switch key for safety reasons. The control panel also has a light switch on and off.


Aluminum profiles, which are put on the foundation, are used as the supporting structure. The foundation is made from the Aisi 304 and has special patterns on certain parts, which are then placed and screwed in aluminum profiles. The locking surface is made of tempered glass with a thickness of 6 mm. At the bottom of each glass, a drainage surface of the device is made. The dimension of the drain hole is properly dimensioned and it is forbidden to change it.

An entrance is provided for personal transition to or from the device.


  • Working area A to D according to GMP, Class 4 to 8 according to ISO 14644-1: 1999
  • Isokinetic probe
  • Pipe for gas, air, vacuum
  • El. sockets
  • Speed sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Different dimensions
  • Simple upgrade
  • Performance according to customer requirements

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