In order to prevent dust particles from being transferred from the working environment to other clean spaces, the user takes a "mist shower" in the passage area after the completed work process. After the "shower" the user takes off the protective suit and draws it off in the intended storage site.


Iskra PIO offers two options for mist showering:

  • Cabin with a mist shower, which represents a complete solution of the passage space
  • Module with a mist shower for an easy upgrade of existing personal barrier

The mist cycle is adjustable according to the specifics of each space and process. The efficiency of the cycle is checked by the PQ test.

Working principle

The water supply system and the nozzles installed in the shower room with water mist, provide adequate misting, which puts the dust particles on the surface of the protective suit. This significantly reduces the transfer of dust particles from the production area.


The user starts the mist cycle by pressing the start button built into the personal barrier. The cycle is then performed automatically.

The control is provided by the SIEMENS controller and touch screen. The control system allows settings and automatic execution of cycles and communication with connected systems.


A mist shower cabin consists of:

  • Walls
  • Door in interlock function
  • An inlet filter module
  • Lighting/illumination
  • Basket for safe removal of contaminated clothing
  • Fog/mist system
  • Control system

Module with mist shower to upgrade an existing personal barriers:

  • Fog/mist system
  • Control system with prepared inputs and outputs for communication with subsystems of barriers (interlock doors, air supply ...)


  • Basket for safe waste removal / worn orused protective clothing
  • Connection to a higher control system
  • Closed door detection switch
  • ATEX version

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