The MC NC Class II microbiological protection chamber provides the highest level of protection to the operator and offers clean working conditions and protects the environment from contamination. The device fulfills :

  • Protection Class II - SIST EN 12469: 2000 and DIN 12980: 2005
  • Class II, type B2 - NSF: 2008
  • Workplace Class A according to GMP class 5 ,ISO 14644-1: 1999

It is constructed and tested in accordance with SIST EN 12469: 2000 and DIN 12980: 2005.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • Rounded corners
  • Easy and safe filters replacement
  • Integrated low-noise fan
  • Automatic height placement of the front safety glass barrier
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easily accessible electrical components
  • 100% in/out air

Working principle

The chamber takes the air from the surrounding and through an absolute outlet filter, purified air is sent out.

Part of the air (approx. 70%) enters the protective chamber from the upper side by a fan, the absolute filter of quality H14 (EN 1822) and the distribution grids. The remaining part (approximately 30%) of the air enters from the front through the open lifting glass thus providing a protective air curtain that prevents contamination from the outside. The air passes through:

  • inlet filters of quality H14 (EN 1822), which are installed under working segments at the base of the chamber
  • additional filter ("police filter") quality H14 (EN 1822), in the drainage channel - OPTION

The outlet is further connected to an air extraction system that is synchronized with the supply fan of the chamber and provides 100% air outlet to the environment, and in any case prevents the release of the substances from the chamber's workplace into the room. The drainage must also be synchronized by ventilating the space in which the chamber is located. Distribution grid laminarally distributes air over the working area and vertically directs it towards the working surface of the chamber. The laminar air flow takes away dust particles generated by material manipulation. An air curtain is formed on the front of the chamber, between the operator and the location of the dust, which separates the working space in the chamber from the surrounding area. The air curtain protects the work area from possible external contamination and prevents airborne particles from flowing out of the work space. Filters under working segments are exchanged within the operating range when the chamber works. Properly packed them inside the working area in safe packaging. Access to these filters is easy and safe without risk to service personnel, possible contamination of the environment and the environment. The chamber is intended primarily for working with dangerous, risky groups of microorganisms, substances that are very dangerous for the operator and the environment and do not allow recirculation of the air inside the chamber.




A visual touch screen is designed for visualization and more transparent management. It is located on the front of the chamber, next to the user. Its basic task is system management, error display and service settings.



  • Surface-protected metal construction with powder coating in color RAL 9010
  • The base is made of powder-colored (RAL 5015)
  • Workplace and work segments made of high quality stainless steel sheet
    • Workplace is entirely made of brushed stainless steel AISI 304 (EN 1.4301)
    • Work segments are made of brushed stainless steel AISI 316L (EN 1.4404)
  • Work bench consists of segments, easy to clean and autoclave
  • Working height for sitting position - 800 mm
  • All surfaces and corners built according to GMP, GLP standard
  • Chamber constructed under a slope of 8 ° - -easier sitting and working of the operator
  • Good illumination of working space (> 1000 lux)
  • Noise <60dB
  • Lateral visibility of the workplace, sides of safety glass
  • Motorized raising of the front safety glass (automatic layout to the appropriate height for the selected mode)
  • Microprocessor control of operation and safety functions (alarming of limit values)
  • User-selection display mode and parameter setting (in case of validation and service)
  • Absolute filtration of exhaust air and air in the field of work, with quality filters H13-EN1822: 2010
  • Absolute filtration of incoming air H13-EN1822: 2010
  • Integrated connectors for performing the integrity of absolute H14 filters (DOP / DEHS test)
  • Connections in the field of work:
    • 2x socket 220V / 2,5A
    • 1x RS 232 connector (connection internal workplace - external side)
    • 1x USB connector (connection internal workplace - external side)


  • Stainless version
  • Built-in UV bactericidal bulb
  • In the back wall there is a built-in safety glass for the external layout of the monitor
  • Soaking hood
  • Faucet for gas, air, vacuum
  • El. sockets
  • Isokinetic probe
  • Speed sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Performance according to customer requirements



MC 12 NC

MC 15 NC

MC 18 NC

Outside dimension 
W x D x H [mm]





W x D x H [mm]





Max. connection power without socket [W]





Max. connection power on socket [W]





Laminar air flow [m/s]





Voltage [V/Hz]





Weight [kg]





ABS. working filter H14
[dim. mm/pcs]

305x610x69 / 3

305x610x69 / 4

305x610x69 / 5

305x610x69 / 6

ABS. outlet filter H14
[dim. mm/pcs]

457x457x69 / 1

305x457x69 / 2

305x457x78 / 2

305x457x69 / 3

ABS. outlet filter H14






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