Iskra PIO offers lifting devices in a GMP version adapted to the load and process:

  • Fixed lifting devices (for barrels, containers, pallets, process equipment)
  • Wire rope lifting devices (for barrels, containers)
  • Mobile lifting devices (for barrels, containers, pallets, process equipment)

Advantages of the ISKRA PIO lifting devices

  • Flexibility
    • Adapting the system to the specific needs of the customer
    • Control system is designed to allow easy adjustment of the coordinates and adding positioning points
  • Reliability - more than 25 years of experience
  • Precision - the assured mechanical design allows precise positioning (split valves ...)
  • GMP implementation allows easy and efficient cleaning


  • Functions:
    • Raise, rotate, slope, mixing, positioning, deposition
    • Manual or driven version
  • Load lifting fork
    • Containers
    • Barrels
    • Process devices (sieve, mill, compactor, weighing hopper ...)
    • Pallet
    • Combinations
    • Adapting to the needs of the customer
  •  Control
    • Control buttons
    • Touchscreen
    • SCADA
  • ATEX version
  • Electric / hydraulic / pneumatic / manual drive
  • Automatic positioning system for output packaging (container ...)
  • Energy chain for cables inside the lifting device
  • Installation in the wall
  • Installation in the ceiling
  • Presence / orientation detection of the load
  • Locking the vertical position for work under load
  • Automatic opening of the container discharge valve
  • Pneumatic hammer
  • Vibrator
  • Integration of the weighing / dosing system

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