The pass-box chamber serves as a transitional space between a clean and less clean space in which material disinfection is done and provides a decontaminated material passage between the spaces. The de-dusting is carried out with directed air flow, and decontamination with hydrogen peroxide. The air is completely filtered with HEPA filters.

The chamber has a system for decontamination with hydrogen peroxide, which depends on the client's requirements. In our offer we have various systems for the distribution of decontamination agent - hydrogen peroxide. Distribution can be done by evaporation or by different spraying methods. Systems achieve different parameters (penetration, time, concentration, ...) and are suitable for different applications. Validation procedures using microbiological indicators and prescribed procedures are in order to prove the adequacy of decontamination. The suitability also depends on the concentration and the quality of H2O2.

The pass-box chamber represents a completely autonomous system. For visualization and more transparent management, the SIEMENS TP 700 screen is installed. It is installed in a less clean environment, its basic tasks are system management, error display, service setup, etc. After completing a successful or unsuccessful sterilization, it prints a sterilization report.

The control system has the possibility of performing an automatic chamber tightness test, which demonstrates the tightness of the chamber.

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