The filling funnel protects the operator during manual pouring of powdered materials. The protection is ensured by a directed air flow, which removes dust particles from the operator.


  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Flexible design
  • Effective suction - protection
  • Performance according to GMP norms
  • Filling funnel/container

Different versions of filling funnels

  • Filling funnel/container
    • Side opening and connection to suction ensure ergonomics and protection of the operator during the pouring of powdered materials
    • Tight door of the opening and the container design allow to:
      • Use it as a container
      • Connecting the funnel to the mixer and mixing
      • Loading on a lifting device
  • Filling funnel for processing equipment
    • Equipped with a safety switch or protective net
  • Filling funnel for barrels
  • Filling funnel for vacuum transport
  • Filling funnel adapted to the process need's
  • Filling funnel/isolator - for manipulation with highly active substances

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