The main function of the drying chamber is drying hand-washed equipment. Drying takes place in the chamber, where required conditions are achieved (temperature, humidity,clean room conditions, ...). The device is controlled by a touch panel (TP), which is placed on the wall near the device.

The chamber dries the equipment with hot and dry air, which is blown into the chamber through the nozzles installed in the corners of the chamber and on its ceiling. The air is accelerated through the nozzles so that air is formed within the chamber, which dries the equipment. The air conditioner is located in technical areas for proper air preparation and is connected to the drying device via channels. In the air conditioner and the drying chamber there are filters (F9 and H14), which provide an appropriate class of purity inside the drying room.

The drying process takes place at a temperature determined at the start of the device. The set temperature depends on the type of equipment. The drying time also depends on the equipment, their size and shape. After completion of the drying phase, the cooling phase is started in the chamber, which is carried out in order to bring the surface of the dryers to a lower temperature. The chamber automatically enters the cooling mode after the expiration of the drying time and does not allow the door to open until they are cooled down.

Maximum drying temperature is 80 ° C, maximum air flow is 1300m3 / h. The chamber operates without recirculation with 100% air exchange. The H14 filter is located in the drying chamber, which ensures an appropriate grade of purity inside the drying room.

The interior and exterior of the chamber is done according to GMP norms.There is also a possibility of particle counting and the determination of the cleanliness class inside the chamber according to ISO 14644.

For visualization and more transparent management, there is a SIEMENS TP TP700 comfort screen. The basic tasks of the screen are system management, display errors, service settings, etc.

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