The drying chamber is designed to reach high technological requirements. During the drying process, air passes through the material (pellets), according to predefined parameters. The air conditioner ensures proper air preparation. In order to ensure an adequate level of purity, air filters are installed in the air conditioning unit and into the chamber; additional filtration is installed on the air outlet. In the chamber there is space for four trolleys with planned dimensions, in which trays are inserted.

Both sides are intended for air inlet and outlet throughout, so the walls are made of perforated sheets through which the inlet and outlet of the air is the same - laminar on the entire volume of the chamber. These "distribution" grids are easy to disassemble, allowing access to filter cleaning or drainage and inlet channels.

The chamber is also equipped with a temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the raw-material during the drying process.

The user can choose and set the recipe according to:

  • Drying temperature (from 20 to 80 ° C),
  • Air humidity (1 to 100 g / kg) - moisturizing and drying regimes
  • Air flow (from 1000 to 2100 m3 / h),
  • Enter and display the set values of regulated process parameters
    • Duration
    • Air temperature
    • Airflow
    • Humidity of incoming air

The control system is built according to the requirements of the customer.

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