Iskra PIO designs and manufactures dedicated dosing systems that are optimized for use in a particular process or environment:

Pipe dispenser

The pipe dispenser is designed for dosing of powdery materials where the highest level of system purity (CIP / WIP) is required.

  • Dosage through flexible membrane - no moving parts in contact with raw material
  • Accuracy +/- 1 g in combination with Iskra PIO weighing system
  • Automatic CIP / WIP cleansing enabled
  • Containment version (safe membrane replacement)
  • Integration into an isolator
  • ATEX version
  • Adaptable connection to input and output packaging

Screw feeder

The screw feeder is intended for dosing powdered raw materials of different characteristics.

  • Integration into the isolator
  • ATEX version
  • Adaptable connection to input and output packaging

Barrel filling system

The filling system ensures clean, fast and repeatable filling of barrels. It combines the screw feeder system and the system for sealing the barrel with level control, which ensures proper filling of barrels through the control system.

Automatic weighing system into bags

The automatic weighing system into bags ensures a clean, fast and accurate weighing of powdered substances into bags. It combines the dosing system and the weighing system for sealing the bags.

  • Connection to input packaging (container, dryer, mixer ...)
  • Dosing system (screw feeder dispenser / tube dispenser, dosing flap) adapted to the quantity and specification of the raw material
  • System for fixing the bag (ALU, PE ...)
  • ATEX version
  • Mobile version
  • Adjustment of input and output packaging

Docking station

Docking station is a system for controlled dosing of material from the input packaging (hopper, container, barrel). The process allows the dosing and weighing system to be adapted to the packaging, quantity and specificity of the raw material.

Automatic filling line - AFL

The automatic filling line (AFL) is designed for safe and ergonomic filling of containers from different inputs:

  • Big-bags
  • Bags of various sizes and materials
  • Barrels
  • Manipulation equipment adapted according to input and output packaging
  • ATEX version
  • Inertization
  • Creating a SCADA control system (iFIX, Siemens WinCC)
  • Integration with business (MES) and warehouse (WMS) system

Automatic weighing line

The automatic weighing line enables automatic weighing of various substances into the outlet. It is divided into three levels:

  • Storage containers are installed in the upper level
  • Dosage systems adapted to the quantity and specificity of the weighed raw material
  • An outlet container that is connected to the appropriate dosing systems via automatic transport
  • Automatic weighing process is controlled through the central control system of the line, which enables the complete logistic support of the weighing process with the possibility of integration with business (MES) and warehouse (WMS) system

Customized dozing systems

Due to specifics of your process we create a dosing system optimized for your application.

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