The de-dusting cabin is intended for the removal of impurities that, during transport through more or less clean environments (warehouse, outside the building, ...) is left on the packaging. At the same time, it also serves as a pass-through space between a clean and less clean area.


  • Tight construction
  • Tight vertical guillotine door
  • The chamber is prepared for integration with the logistics system

Working principle

De-dusting is provided in two steps:

  1. Intensive de-dusting with nozzles
  2. Rinse with laminar flow of HEPA filtered air

When a pallet arrives in the chamber and triggers the signal, the entrance door is closed and the de-dusting starts. Through the nozzles, which are located from the ground to the top on all four corners of the chamber, to the side walls of the pallet air stream is spread and create vortexes around the pallet. At the same time air blows from the top of the chamber and pushes the rotating air towards the suction grids, which are located sideways at each side below. In this way, the intensity of the de-dusting is reached to the maximum possible level.

Once the de-dusting phase has been completed, the rinsing of the pallet and the entire volume of the chamber with H14 filtered air in vertical direction occurs.


The SIEMENS user screen is made for visualization and more transparent management. It is located on the less clean side of the chamber, its basic tasks are system operation, fault display, service setup.


  • De-dusting chamber, entirely built of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Interior and visible exterior surface are brushed
  • Details made according to GMP norms for pharmaceutical production (cleaning corners, processing, welding, ...)
  • Doors are vertical
    • Interlock doors
    • Dry seals
    • Opening / closing speed: up to 2.0 m/s / up to 0.75 m/s
    • Built-in window
    • Safety: light curtain built in door side frames
  • Access to servicing filters and the fans is from the inside of the cab
  • Connectors for inlet and outlet air from the central air conditioning system


  • Manual input of the material (positioning frame)
  • Integration with automatic material transfer system (transporter, AGV ...)
  • Rotation of the pallet inside the chamber
  • Doors made of toughened glass
  • Roll-up doors
  • Angular design 90 °
  • Performance according to customer's need

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