Clean rooms are placed in an existing object and are adapted to it. They are composed of several rooms, providing the user with appropriate working conditions. The ceiling distribution of HEPA filtered air is planned for all rooms, quantitatively adapted to provide adequate cascade pressure against the environment. At the same time, temperature and humidity are regulated.

We offer the complete construction of clean rooms, which means the production of floors, walls, ceilings, doors, glazing, assembly of elements in or on part-walls. The rooms are composed of aluminum panel walls and walk-on ceiling. We manage ventilation and purging, we take care of the entire logistics of material and personnel.

In clean rooms an adequate overpressure of clean air is provided, which prevents the contamination of dirty
air from the surrounding to the interior of the room. Sufficient quantity and proper air filtration ensure purity
within the room in the required levels. This allows built-in filtering in the ceiling panels
modules, with supply air conditioning, which is adequately controlled to ensure constant flow rates and
air exchange in the room. The control also provides alarming in the case of filter clogging. Filtration of inlet air is multi-stage, up to H14. The extraction of air from the room is carried out through suction grids in which a prefilter is installed. By extracting air from the room, we regulate the rom pressure. The grids are built into the panel wall of a clean room.

Windows are usually installed in the outside wall of a clean room for the passage of exterior light into the room. In the ceiling there are built-in lights suitable for clean rooms.

The clean room system is intended for the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and food industry, hospitals, laboratories or is suitable wherever controlled purity conditions are required.

With our systems, grades A to D can be achieved according to GMP or grades 5 to 8 according to ISO standard 14644-1: 2015.

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