Measuring relative moisture and temperature

The purpose of the test is to prove with measurements, whether air ventilation system is capable of providing temperature and air moisture values within the projected values. Test is performed in accordance with ISO 14644-3 standard recommendations.

Measurements are performed in clean room, where different production processes take place. Because of this, systems of clean rooms are usually divided to zones with different and controlled parameters of temperature and air moisture.

 Measuring relative moisture and temperature

Depending on the performance, we distinguish between:

Clean room relative temperature and air moisture measurements, where measurements are performed with meters that have results time recording possibility. Measuring is performed in all controlled rooms, in accordance with standard demands and customer needs.

Temperature distribution measurements, or temperature mapping is performed with temperature loggers, with purpose to prove accurate temperature air distribution in raw material as well as final product storage. Number of measuring points is defined according to size of room; measurement can be performed in more altitude-levels. Measurements are recorded in pre-set intervals through over the entire period of measuring.

We use measuring equipment from renowned manufacturers Testo, Vaisala, EBRO.

All instruments are calibrated annually.

About Validation

In addition to manufacturing equipment for clean technology, Iskra Pio performs the validation of devices.

We validate
- clean rooms
- weighing booths
- sampling booths
- LAF rooms
- all kinds of safety
cabins (Class I, II,

Validations are performed by a team of trained experts who use annually calibrated measuring devices.
After completing the validation, they also prepare a report (also in English), which is variable for inspection services.