Decontamination time - time to establish the initial state

The purpose of the test is to determine the required time for the room to return to prescribed cleanliness grade after it has been contaminated (loaded) with particles. Logical is to perform test in clean environments with uneven (turbulent) flow regimes and rooms to cleanliness grade ISO 8.

 Counting particles in clean room

Test is performed in the following way: in the beginning room is loaded with 100x concentration of particles, allowed for projected class of room. First measurement represents start load with particles, and decontamination time is that measurement in line, that measures 100x lower concentration of particles from the first measurement. Decontamination time depends on suitability of HEPA filtration, conduit volume of air and number of air exchanges, distribution of conducting air and position of derivation grid, pressure differences between rooms, cleanliness of rooms and way of installing equipment. The test is performed in accordance with ISO 14644-3 standard.

We use measuring equipment from renowned manufacturers Lighthouse, TSI, Topas.

All instruments are calibrated annually.

About Validation

In addition to manufacturing equipment for clean technology, Iskra Pio performs the validation of devices.

We validate
- clean rooms
- weighing booths
- sampling booths
- LAF rooms
- all kinds of safety
cabins (Class I, II,

Validations are performed by a team of trained experts who use annually calibrated measuring devices.
After completing the validation, they also prepare a report (also in English), which is variable for inspection services.