UZN-011 ultrasonic devices are larger ultrasonic baths designed to clean larger items or larger quantities of items at the same time.

Ultrasonic cleaners usually contain the following equipment:

  • Immersible ultrasonic transducers with ultrasonic generators
  • Electric cartridge heaters
  • Level switches for the protection of ultrasonic equipment and electric heaters
  • Water inlet valve
  • Fluid discharge valve
  • Thermal insulation
  • Hinge cover
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Control panel

We can optionally provide:

  • Filtration system (filter, pump)
  • Pouring of the medium to remove oil and solid parts from the surface
  • Oil imitator
  • Pneumatic lift / lower cover
  • Vertical swing of the basket
  • Pneumatic lowering and lifting the basket
  • Automated process with PLC controller and touch panel
  • Rounded inner corners of the bath
  • Production of equipment in accordance with GMP standards, IQ, OQ, SAT documentation

The devices are intended for industry, pharmacy, various workshops, etc. The volume of the baths, as well as the dimensions themselves, are adapted to the needs and wishes of the client. Depending on the size of the bath itself, the power of the heaters and the amount of ultrasonic transducers are determined. A bath can be made of highly polished stainless steel (Ra <0.8 µm), with AISI 316L quality. The housings, inspection openings and other components are made of stainless steel, with AISI 304 quality (Ra <1.2 µm). The electrical cabinet may be part of or separate from the unit.

Heating and ultrasound control is possible through ordinary digital timers, temperature controllers and independent regulating and control circuits. When the controller is implemented together with the touch screen (Siemens), the device can be fully controlled automatically. In this case, it is possible to wash according to a predefined recipe (washing temperature, washing time, emptying). However, access to all parameters may be restricted by user groups (user, technologist, administrator).

Ultrasonic transducers with a frequency of about 30 kHz driven by built-in ultrasonic generators can operate in different modes, from the resonant mode to the fast floating frequency mode, which allows even distribution of ultrasonic cavitation within the bath. Regardless of the conditions of the bath, the generator is constantly adjusted so that the maximum cleaning effect is present at all times.

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