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In addition to the standard dimension we also make ultrasonic immersion transducers adopted to the dimensions of washing bath or available space.

 Namestitev  UZ potopni pretvornik

Dimensions of radiant surface L x W x H [mm]Frequency [kHz]Power [W]
375 x 285 x 95 30 1000
400 x 300 x 95 30 1000
455 x 285 x 95 30 1000
500 x 200 x 95 30 1000
600 x 200 x 95 30 1000
655x 205 x 95 30 1000


Ultrasonic submersible transducers are made of stainless steel thickness 2 mm and AISI 316 Ti quality. Ultrasonic submersible transducers are made in the form of block, which contains glued piezo transducers. Effective output power of each ultrasonic submersible transducer is 1.0 kW. The operating frequency of transducers is 26 kHz.

This technology has a number of advantages:
- the greatest possible efficiency,
- can withstand the maximum load, without overload
- homogeneous distribution of ultrasonic energy over the entire surface of ultrasonic immersion transducers,
- long life time expectancy without performance loss: ca. 12,000 h
- regarding other ways of implementation allows better heat discharge.


Ultrasonic immersion transducers are hermetically welded, mounted to the washing bath with stainless steel screws and sealed with adequate seal.

Ultrasonic immersion transducers may be fixed to the wall or to the bottom of the washing bath.

Ultrasonic immersion transducers can be installed in the already existing washing baths or set of Iska PIO d.o.o. ultrasonic washing device. In case of installing in the existing baths ultrasonic immersion transducers are cable connected to the ultrasonic generators, mounted in the electrical cabinet separately of washing bath. The cable is from ultrasonic immersion transducer to the ultrasonic generator from washing bath led through stainless steel pipe or flexible tube with the braiding of stainless steel.

Wall mounted

tab=Bottom mounted