Ultrasonic generator

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Ultrasonic generator provides high-frequency energy. Equipment consist of string of electronic compounds, that convert network electric energy to high-frequency-ultrasonic energy. The basic principle of our contemporary ultrasonic generator is, that they constantly provide maximum output power. Mechanical effect of ultrasonic washing can vary, according to different conditions: temperature in the fluid, concentration of medium, surface tension of medium, etc. Effect of ultrasonic cavity can be disrupted also with different objects, that are being cleaned, and their weights. A different level of fluid can also effect efficient operating of ultrasound. We successfully adjust to these and similar changes with help of microprocessor regulation, IGBT switches and other electronic compounds, that continuously monitor changes in the bath. According to changes, frequency is changed, so it is always maximum cavity in the bath. System of floating frequency (oscillation around the resonance frequency) – “sweeping”, prevents blind spots with highly reduced cavity. Also the stir of metal in their resonant area is prevented. This way objects are equally cleaned over the whole surface, with no side effects (undesirable noise of metal). All ultrasonic generators are equipped with EMC filters, in accordance with EN norms. To monitor operating of ultrasonic generator, it is equipped with control lights that can be visually monitored. Next to the front panels of ultrasonic generators operating hour meter is installed. For additional indication and settings of ultrasonic oscillation steering regulation unit can be built in.

Steering regulation unit


Steering regulation unit serves for changing and adjusting the power and the modus operandi of each ultrasonic generator. With the progress of the microprocessor technology easier controlling and regulation of ultrasonic generators is possible. This ensures better efficiency of ultrasonic transducers and quality of cleaning.


Steering regulation unit for ultrasonic generator operates on the basis of microcontroller ST6265. Steering regulation unit communicates with ultrasonic generator. During the communication the process of measurement on the power section of ultrasonic generator is carried out. Afterwards the steering regulation unit transmits the data to the steering unit of ultrasonic generator, to control the power part of ultrasonic generator.


Programming power of ultrasonic generator is carried out with use of three pairs of keys.

  1. The operation program is selected by pressing lower pair of keys +/-
  2. By pressing middle pair of keys ultrasonic generator is picked (eg. Number 1 on LED display shows the first ultrasonic generator in bath 1)
  3. To set power press keys above +/-, at the same time on the left side, the power of ultrasonic oscillation can be monitored and changed
  4. Start and stop of ultrasonic generator is carried out with pressing key START/STOP

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To improve efficiency and effect of ultrasonic oscillation, the basic frequency and the frequency band of the ultrasonic generator operating needs to be changed. Steering regulation unit as an option of setting - programming the base frequency, frequency band (“sweeping”) and flashing of ultrasonic generator. Setting of the above parameters is necessary because the characteristic of ultrasonic transducers is not always the same or due to physical phenomena varies. Over the longer period of functioning of the ultrasonic waves, various nodes can appear in the washing medium, smaller objects can be damaged or even fall out of the washing bath. Therefore, the ultrasonic generators are stimulated with short interrupts.


Steering regulation unit measures power running through the ultrasonic generator through the power section unit. Based on this the steering regulation unit calculates the operating power of the ultrasonic generator. The steering regulation unit then through RX/TX terminal passes digital data for operating of steering part of ultrasonic generator.


In Iskra PIO d.o.o. we offer you two types of steering regulation units:

  1. The steering regulation unit for installation in a cassette. In this case the cassette is built in the electro cupboard separated of washing device. Besides the steering regulation unit, modules for ultrasonic generators are built in the cassette.
  2. The steering regulation unit for installation on to the panel. In this case the steering regulation unit is built in on to the panel or doors of electro cupboard, that is in the compound of washing device. Modules of ultrasonic generators are built inside of the electro cupboard.

Ultrasonic generator provides high-frequency energy.