US generators

Ultrasonic generator provides high-frequency energy.

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Water bath

It is distinguished by the implementation of stainless steel of AISI 304 quality with polished interior of the bath, ease of use and maintenance.

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Immersion US

In addition to the standard dimension we also make ultrasonic immersion transducers adopted to the dimensions of washing bath or available space.

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Piezo transducers

In Iskra PIO d.o.o. we use for ultrasonic oscillation piezo-electrical transducers, which transform electric energy into mechanical. We produce three types of piezo transducers.

 Piezopretvornik 30kHz fi35  Piezopretvornik 30kHz fi50

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Flange US

In addition to the standard dimensions we also make ultrasonic flange transducers by order.

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  • Ultrasonic systems

    US cleaning systems

    We offer complete solutions in the field of ultrasonic cleaning systems, according to customer specifications.

    For all explanations and advices, we are always at your disposal and we will definitely find a solution together.

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