Recognition for an exemplary example of human resources management of the GZDBK for the year 2022

Published 18.10.2023

Otočec, 12th October 2023

In order to promote exemplary human resources management and increase the competitiveness of the region's economy, and with the aim of presenting exemplary practices and achievements, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina annually awards the Exemplary Example of Human Resources Management Award to a company or individual that, through its above-average performance, has made a significant contribution to the successful development and application of human resources management in practice.The recipients of the 2022 award are Iskra PIO d.o.o. and Prof. Dr. Boris Bukovec, dean of the Faculty of Organisational Studies.

The award is based on the fact that Iskra PIO develops a unique and comprehensive approach to human resources management and employee engagement. The company is aware of the formal and informal tools and methods it uses to create a collaborative, high-tech and innovative business environment. The foundations of the exemplary human resources management case that the company has built into its business model are based on:

  • intergenerational cooperation between employees, including mentoring, reverse mentoring and encouraging self-initiative,
  • a human resources development strategy as a content area within Iskra PIO's Digital Strategy,
  • maintaining an inclusive, connective and innovative organisational culture and
  • permanent recruitment in all business processes of the company.

Pictures: archive GZDBK, 12. 10. 2023

Vir: arhiv GZDBK, 12. 10. 2023