Mobile decontamination generator DECON 250 M

Published 17.6.2020

DECON 250 M is a stand-alone device intended for decontamination of places/rooms in pharmacy and healthcare, as well as in hotels, nursing homes, office buildings and other premises where it is necessary to ensure an appropriate microbiological level of cleanliness.

The device is distinguished by an excellent spraying system with an appropriate distribution angle and an optimal droplet size of the decontaminant, which enables good homogenization in the room, and at the same time an evenly wetting of the surfaces. The DECON 250 M is easily moved around the building with auxiliary wheels and can be located centrally in the decontamination room. The size of the room defines the time of distribution of the decontaminant and the time of exposure. The concentration of the agent determines the level of microbiological efficiency.

More information about the product can be found on the product website.