Protective laminar vertical work-bench series MCxx-1


Zaščita proizvoda

Type MC 9-1 MC 12-1 MC 15-1 MC 18-1
Outside dimen.
w x d x h (mm)
Working room
w x d x h (mm)
980x600x600 1290x600x600 1600x600x600 1910x600x600
Max. connecting power (W) 2200 2200 2500 2500
Max. connecting power per socket (W) 550 550 550 550
Air flow (m/s) 0,45 0,45 0,45 0,45
Operating voltage (V/Hz) 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50
Weight (kg) 220*
ABS. working filter H14 (dim.) 610x915x68 610x1219x68 610x1524x68 610x1829x68
Input pre-filter G4 (dim.) 624x400x48 624x400x48 624x400x48 624x400x48

* without stand (table variant)
** with stand

Protective laminar vertical work-bench series MCxx-1 provides safest working conditions for personnel, offers clean working conditions for product class 4 in accordance with ISO 14644-1. Laminar vertical cabinet MC..-1 ensures  the highest level of protection for working product from contamination. Inside working space is established laminar air flow and clean space conditions in class ISO 5 (ISO 14644-1) or class A (GMP).

Application fields

  • microbiology
  • pharmacy
  • biotechnology
  • medicine
  • clinics and hospitals

Basic characteristics:

  • table system with one HEPA filter H14-EN 1822 99,999% efficiency at 0,3 μ particles
  • working place from sides closed with safetly glasses
  • working desk from removable, perforated segments from stainless steel
  • automatic driven front glass
  • good ulluminatio of working place, possibility of UV radiation, electric sockets 220 V
  • silent working, simple maintenance and handling

Additional equipment:

  • base frame
  • UV light
  • media connections (gas, vacuum,...)
  • executions in accordance with buyer needs

Description and working principle for cabinet:   MC..- 1

The cabinet takes part of the air from environment, through pre-filter of G4 quality, which is implemented in upper part of cabinet, rest of air, recirculates through return channel.

Mixed air from environment and air which recirculates inside cabinet comes from upper chassis with help of supply air fan through inlet filters quality H14 (EN 1822), which are implemented above cabinet working desk and distribution grid.

Distribution grid spreads air over the whole work area into vertical, unidirectional flow. A part of air flow through perforation in rear panel back in return channel (recirculation). Part of air goes through hole in front part of cabinet.

Unidirectional air flow carries with it dust particles,
generated at the manipulation with materials on working surface. In front of the chamber, the air curtain is carried out and separates cabinet working area from environment.
The air curtain protects work area and product inside from potential external contamination

Relatively the same amount of air which entering through a G4 pre-filter on top of the chamber, also flows out through an opening in the front of the chamber