Transfer hatches

Transfer hatches Transfer hatches Transfer hatches

A pass through hatch separates clean room (laboratory) from the impure area (pre-space). We use it to transfer material and packaging from the unclean to the clean area and vice versa. By controlling the opening of entry and exit doors and intensive washing of its interior with clean air, the cabin prevents the entry of impure air into the clean room.


  1. with filtration (ventilator, filter)
  2. without filtration
  3. sterilization with UV light
  4. inner shelves
  5. H2O2 sterilization
  6. without any shelves, from top to bottom
  7. design adjusted to customers' requirements

Transfer hatches Transfer hatches Transfer hatches

Special equipment

In the frameworks of the program, the development department undertakes special projects adjusted to customers' requirements.

The department has 30 engineers with knowledge and experiences from construct and automation employed.

We use modern tools (PROENGINEER, SIMATIC STEP 7, WINCC, Microsoft.NET technology), which provide fast and quality process of product development.