Measuring pressure differences among various rooms

The purpose of the test is to measure pressure differences between various rooms, and establish correct air flow direction. Measurement is performed in accordance with ISO 14644-3 standards recommendations.

 Measuring pressure differences

There are two different ways to design cleanroom systems with pressure difference:

Cleanroom systems with positive pressure difference: Pressure cascade between rooms ensures air flow direction from the highest level of demanded cleanliness towards less clean levels (rooms)!  These systems are used when there is a demand for insurance of clean working conditions but products do not represent any danger for people and environment.

Cleanroom systems with negative pressure difference: Pressure cascade, underpressure between rooms ensures insures safe working conditions environment, or protection of environment and people from air and products that represent danger. In this systems main production room is in the level of lowest underpressure, intermediate rooms allow safe passage towards external surroundings using pressure cascades.

We use measuring equipment from renowned manufacturers TSI and Testo.

All instruments are calibrated annually.

About Validation

In addition to manufacturing equipment for clean technology, Iskra Pio performs the validation of devices.

We validate
- clean rooms
- weighing booths
- sampling booths
- LAF rooms
- all kinds of safety
cabins (Class I, II,

Validations are performed by a team of trained experts who use annually calibrated measuring devices.
After completing the validation, they also prepare a report (also in English), which is variable for inspection services.