Testing the casing seal - Isolators, Protective chambers with glows

The purpose of the test is to verify sealing the casing seal of protective chambers and isolators. The test is carried out on the systems where there is no direct contact with the product of work (a raw material, products).

 Testing the casing seal of isolator

To ensure all safety conditions, all working operations are carried out with gloves, which are mounted on the front glass, which, for the purposes of an entry / exit of equipment opens. The test is performed in accordance with the recommendations of ISO 10648-2:1994 (E) and ISO 14644-7:2004. Isolators work in negative pressure (toxic substances) and overpressure (aseptic processes) in relation to its surroundings.

Those standards anticipate three different test methods:

  • oxygen method,
  • method with pressure difference,
  • method with constant pressure.

The test is performed in all three methods.

We use measuring equipment from renowned manufacturers Alita, Testo, Vaisala, Vögtlin, PBI.

All instruments are calibrated annually.