Counting quantity of particles and classification of working area

Counting of particles in working area is performed by isokinetic probe. Clean room meets the criteria, in so far as the number of particles corresponds to the requirements of ISO 1466-1 or cGMP Annex 1.

 Counting particles in the chamber Probe for counting particles

By carrying out measurements we put isokinetic probe of particle counter on the previously defined measuring points and measure the prescribed volume of air. Measuring points must be evenly distributed over the surface of the clean room. According to the measurements we classify room to the cleanliness grade, that it achieves.

Measurements are carried out with a laser particle counters and specific isokinetic probe, by means of which, given the pre-identified and marked measuring points we perform sampling of air. Number of measurement points, number of repeats of measurement and sampling time is determined according to the designed grade of purity. According to the basic requirements of the standards, the number of measuring points can be increased on the customer demands, as well as the sampling time.

We use measuring equipment from renowned manufacturers Lighthouse TSI.

All instruments are calibrated annually.