KI DISCUS TEST – test of the operator and environment protection according to EN 12469:2000

KI DISCUS test was developed in order to enable checking of protection or protection factor (as specified in the standard) for operators, products and the environment, where there is a potential risk of contamination from protective microbiological and cytostatic chambers Class I and II. The test is performed in accordance with EN 12469:2000 standard.


Test description

For this test we use equipment, which major part represents the rotating spray disc (in the chamber), 4 centripetal suction heads (outside the chamber) and an artificial hand.

Potassium iodide is supplied to the center of the rotating disk in the chamber, which the disc dispersed in fine droplets (aerosols), the centripetal force is evenly spread into the environment and above the artificial hand.
On the outer side, at the height of the work opening of the chamber are located 4 suction head with sample filters, to which in case of the possible puncture of protective air curtain drops stick to the filter surface.

 KI DISCUS test procedure

Test procedure