Flexible production

Production Production Production

Great flexibility in production in addition to using modern hardware enables us to adapt to the increasing and changing demands of the market.

Even in the very construction of products we focus on solutions that can then be carried out with the existing hardware.

The production is organized in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9000, which brings our customers high quality products.
Two basic products of our company are the table-top ultrasonic cleaner used for cleaning laboratory equipment and the laminar flow cabinet which enables clean working conditions. There are different versions available, so buyers can modify the product's functionality to their wishes and needs. At the buyer's request we can also create products of unique dimensions and characteristics.

Flexible production enables:

  • variability of demand - stability of the production process
  • short innovation periods
  • systems' technical adaptability to new products
  • a wide variety of different products
  • demand for high quality products
  • planning accuracy
  • social requirements: working conditions, ecology...