Ultrasonic flange transducers

In addition to the standard dimensions we also make ultrasonic flange transducers by order.

UZ_prirobicni UZ_prirobicni UZ_prirobicni

Dimensions of radiant surface L x W [mm]Frequency [kHz]Power [W]
400 x 300 30 1000
500 x 200 30 1000
600 x 180 30 1000


Ultrasonic flange transducers are used in smaller as well as in big baths. The advantage of ultrasonic flange transducers is, that they don’t take any space in the washing bath, because they are mounted on the outer side. By ultrasonic flange transducers, piezo transducers are glued to supporting stainless steel plate. Supporting plate is tightened to the supporting flange with mounting flange. There is adequate seal between supporting plate and supporting flange. Supporting flange is welded to the washing bath.
Piezo transducers are on the outside protected with protection tightened to the supporting flange. Ultrasonic flange transducers can be mounted on wall or bottom of washing bath. All assembling parts of the ultrasonic flange transducers are made of stainless steel, AISI 316Ti quality.