Single-tank system

The device completely made by order, based on your criteria, objects to be cleaned, available space, etc.

Sistem z eno kadjo Sistem z eno kadjo


Single-tank systems are used for washing, degreasing, etc. under influence of ultrasonic oscillation. Roughly, the device is combined of bath, countertop, frame, closing metals and cover. For ultrasonic washing of products in the bath, purposive baskets or hangers are used. Electrical cupboard can be installed either in the device system either separately from the device, for example in the other room, and cable connected to the device.

Ultrasonic oscillation is ensured by ultrasonic immersion transducers or ultrasonic flange transducers, cable connected to ultrasonic generators, installed in the electrical cupboard.


All assembling parts of ultrasonic washing device that are exposed to water or cleaning fluid, as well as frame with closing sheet metals are made of stainless steel.

The device is made in accordance with applicable law regulations. The entire device, especially working area and adequate work and control elements are designed accordingly to new ergonomic demands and regulations. Working with the device doesn’t require any special physical strain. The construction corresponds to demands of maintenance; simple replacing of maintenance parts, accessibility of mentioned parts and work itself whit it, etc.

Example type UZN-011-400

  • bath bottom mounted ultrasonic immersion transducers, power P = 3x1 kW,
  • electrical cupboard installed as a part of the device.

Example type UZN-011

  • bath wall mounted ultrasonic flange transducers, power P = 4x1 kW,
  • electrical cupboard separated from the device.