Automatized system

The device completely made by order, based on your criteria, objects to be cleaned, available space, etc.

Avtomatiziran sistem Avtomatiziran sistem

Avtomatiziran sistem Avtomatiziran sistem


The automatized system is an effective way of washing objects. Advantages of the system are better quality of washing, greater frequency of washing, washing repeatability, faster manipulation with objects, greater weight of objects, etc.


The process takes place in individual baths, the objects are transferred with automatic transport system in purposive baskets, trays, rotary drums, etc

The automatized system basically consists of bath for ultrasonic washing and bath to rinse with flux water from the water supply network. Depending on the type of objects being washed and the quality criteria, the automatized system can consist of additional baths for ultrasonic washing, rinsing with streaming water from the water supply network, rinsing with demineralised water, conservation. Additionally, the automatized system can consist warm air drying system of objects and oscillation system with the oscillating frame above the baths.

The washing process is fully automatized, only the baskets with objects need to be installed into/onto the entry ramp and, after the process is completed, removed from the exit ramp.

The baskets can be installed in several ways:
-    On the fixed loading ramp
-    On the roller conveyor
-    On the roller conveyor with drive
-    With transport trolley


The automatized system can be made as opened or closed system. In the opened system the upper part of the machine with an automatic transport is opened, while in the closed system the upper part is closed with blanking plates or doors. With, in the middle of the device windows of tempered glass are installed, from where the working process of washing can be reviewed. In the closed system, also the system of venting gas, steam with forced ventilation has to be built in. Advantages of the closed system are: low noise, steam exhaust, better cleaning and greater safety.

To ensure efficient and energy saving washing, device can be upgraded with recirculation tanks, which besides separating impurities and solid particles serve also as the storage for liquids.

Electrical box can be implemented as a self-standing on the conveyor wheel and connected to the device with the ribbed tube, or as a fixed fitted with the device.

The entire system, ultrasonic device with automatic transport is made of stainless steel. The baskets, trays, rotary drums, that are intended for transferring objects are also made of stainless steel.