Piezo transducers

In Iskra PIO d.o.o. we use for ultrasonic oscillation piezo-electrical transducers, which transform electric energy into mechanical. We produce three types of piezo transducers.

 Piezopretvornik 30kHz fi35  Piezopretvornik 30kHz fi50

30 kHz/ø35 mm 30 kHz 35 mm Ultrasonic transducers power P = 1 kW,
Ultrasonic transducers power P = 1,2 kW
30 kHz/ø50 mm 30 kHz 50 mm Ultrasonic transducers power P = 1kW,
Sonis 4T in 4GT,
Sonis 10T in 10 GT,
Sonis 20T in 20GT
40 kHz/ø35 mm 40kHz 35 mm Sonis 2T in 2GT,
Sonis 3T in 3G


Iskra PIO d.o.o. piezo transducers are for better efficiency made in form of “sandwich” construction. Each Iskra PIO d.o.o. piezo transducer is hand made. Furthermore, on each piezo transducer impedance characteristic is measured. Piezo transducers are selected by measured impedance characteristic. In accordance they are glued to ultrasonic immersion transducers or ultrasonic flange transducers or table-top ultrasonic cleaners. After gluing new measurement of impedance follows. In the end for optimal working of ultrasonic oscillation, piezo transducers are synchronized with ultrasonic generator.

With this procedure maximal efficiency, effect and distribution of ultrasonic oscillation is achieved, as well as reliability of working and longer life expectancy.