General terms of use for the web site

1. Introduction

These website pages are designed to provide general information about Iskra Pio and about its products and services.

2. Web site contents

All information and data available on the website is only for information purposes and does not bear any legal consequences.
None of the information about the company, its products, services and securities presented on the company website represents any legal offer of products, services or securities.
The official, legal information about the company, products, services and securities may differ from the data presented on the company's website. has and shall design its website pages with due diligence to ensure the accuracy and up-to-date relevance of the data contained on such pages; nevertheless, does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information.

3. Authorship rights

The web site is an exclusive property of, therefore it is prohibited to misuse any data, pictures, texts, and other information which is part of this web site. It is not allowed to copy, distribute or otherwise use any of the aforementioned data without having a permission to do so, granted by

4. Protection of privacy

Visitors to the website may submit information. In this case will not assume any responsibility. The data you are about to insert in the web site pages is sent via internet, in a non-protected computer form, so it might get accessed by third persons. For the sake of protection of your privacy and personal identity, please do not insert any personal information you do not wish to get revealed.

5. External connections

These website pages also contain information from third persons, and links to the websites of third persons. is not liable for the contents of these web sites.

6. Change of terms reserves the right to alter the contents of the website at any time and in any manner whatsoever, and regardless of the reason without prior notification. Iskra-pio does not assume responsibility for any possible consequences of such changes. All persons making use of the published contents do so on their own responsibility.

7. Legal disputes

Slovenian Law is exclusively applied in interpretations and any possible legal issues regarding the application of material presented on the web pages. In case of any demands or disputes relating to the use of the aforementioned material, the case will be taken to the Ljubljana court.

8. Conclusion

When using any page of the website, you accept all the limitations and conditions stated above. If you do not accept the conditions, you should not use the website.

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