Cleaners for dentistry

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We offer three systems of ultrasonic cleaners for dentistry.

SystemSystem 1System 2System 3
ultrasonic cleaner type Sonis 2GT type Sonis 3GT type Sonis 4GT
flange 2R-01 3R-01 4R-01
cup 600 ml 2R-02 with seal and cap 600 ml 3R-02 with seal and cap, 2 pcs 600 ml 4R-02 with seal and cap, 2 pcs
basket 4R-03, 2pcs 4R-03, 2pcs 4R-03
basket K 002 K 003 K 004


Effectively replaces hand washing of instruments, drills, needles and other material without possibility for personnel infection, we also offer suitable cleaning fluids. For solving complete cleaning problem in dental ordination we also offer additional equipment. Cleaning of instruments is performed directly in a tub (cleaning fluid 0,1), cleaning of drills and needles indirectly in a glass cup and smaller basket (cleaning fluid 0,5).

Mechanical principle

We understand sound as mechanical oscillations, expanding from source of oscillation. For ultrasonic washing we need a lot of ultrasonic energy. PIO pieco transducers (sandwich construction) generate intensive sound waves, which are transmitted to the cleaning medium. They work in resonant frequency 30, or 40 kHz. High intensity waves induce so-called cavity in medium, bubbles that implodes in a few microseconds are produced. Sip and pressure impulse of this bubble effect object surface everywhere where fluid is present. By occurrence of cavity high local temperatures and pressures are released. We use this principle in different purposes (cleaning, emulsifying, homogenization, etc…).


Ultrasonic cleaning is the modern way of removing filth. Its special advantages are penetrating cleaning of different pores and mesh on cleaned components in very short time, without additional handwork and with no possibility for damaging objects. Ultrasonic treatment will remove even the most tenacious filth from inaccessible places in a few seconds. With ultrasonic cleaning minimal concentration of detergents may be used at relatively low temperatures.