The recruitment process at Iskra Pio ltd

A good selection and recruitment process of workers represent an extremely important first step in the company Iskra Pio ltd. We believe that highly trained staff is necessary to ensure a high level of excellence in all working areas.

The process of recruitment is made up of various procedures and activities, which need to be carried out if we want to hire a new worker.

If you sign up for the post, we will carefully review your profile to see whether you meet our needs. If we recognize you as a quality and suitable candidate, we will contact you to learn more about you.

The next stage in the process of recruitment is a job interview, which offers the chosen candidates the opportunity to meet with a number of experienced professionals from our company. This gives them a chance to present their key qualities, which they consider important for accepting the job or participating in a particular area.

The whole process of recruitment is performed extremely seriously by experienced staff, who base their decisions on different skills and qualifications of the candidates.

After successfully performed job interviews and with consensus on both-sides, we begin with all the usual formal procedures of employment, which are required by law.

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Job application

We kindly ask all candidates who want to work in the company Iskra Pio ltd to send us a presentation letter and CV. Each application is welcome, whether the application is for a currently vacant post or for a post which is currently not published.