Microbiological safety work-bench - Type Pb

Personnel, product and environment protection   
Safety class II - SIST EN 12469:2000 and DIN 12980:2005;
Class II, type A2 – NSF:2002;
Working area GMP class A - class 5 by 14644-1:1999


Safety cabinet type Pb (safety class II – SIST EN 12469:200) assures operator, product and environment protection during working with radioactive substances.

Basic characteristics:

  • easy for cleaning and maintenance
  • easy disinfection
  • low noise ventilator
  • front glass panel adjustable in height
  • progressively adjustable ventilator
  • available in different sizes
  • easy accessible electric section

Areas of use:

  • oncology (preparing of citostatics)
  • nuclear medicine
TipMC 18-2-Pb
Outside dimen. with stand
  w x d x h [mm]
Working room
w x d x h [mm]
Max. connecting power [W] 2500
Max. power on socket [W] 550
Air flow [m/s] > 0,40
Operating voltage[V/Hz] 230/50
Weight [kg] 1700
ABS. filter H14 305x610x69mm [kos] 6
ABS. filter H14 305x457x69mm [kos] /
ABS. filter H14 305x457x78mm [kos] 3
ABS. filter H14 457x457x69mm [kos] /

Technical description:

  • The inside of the cabinet is all stainless steel, carefully polished to allow easy and through cleaning of the working space
  • The frame is made from steel and is varnished with epoxy lacquer in  (powder coated RAL 9010)
  • Front and both sides are covered with 4 mm lead frame(ore more if required)
  • At the entry to the working area we have lead-glass window (equivalent to 4 mm lead, or more if required) with       moving    lead screen
  • Opening  and closing of the front glass window in completely automated
  • At the bottom left part of the working surface we have built-in special drawer for mounting the generator
  • After mounting the generator into the drawer and closing it the moving mechanism is activated safety switch
  • brings the generator  close to the surface for easy extraction of the liquid
  • All walls surrounding  the generator are made of 40 mm lead and enforced with stainless steel  frame
  • Different types of generators can be accommodated by using different fixed supports
  • working desk from removable, segmented, perforated stainless steel elements
  • illumination of working room with FLUO lights
  • ultra violet light
  • micro-processor controlled functions (working parameters, alarm limits,……..)
  • control switch panel for appointment of working parameters
  • working room from stainless steel
  • quality range of absolute working, exit and V filters - 99,999% efficiency at 0,3 micron particles
  • two electric sockets build in back wall of working room

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